New stock update!

We’ve got a few new bits and pieces in lately – lots to brighten up your home now the nights are drawing in…

These new letter mugs are very popular. Each letter has its own individual colour.

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The Caroline Walker and Cream of Cornwall tableware below is very colourful and adds some colour to your dining area.

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These long matches are £8.95 and the boxes are so pretty! Likewise, our old-looking telephones have been very popular lately; they are fully working and simply plug into the wall.

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These beautiful miracle bead necklaces are now back in stock (and there’s a stunning new lime-coloured one too!)

Next to this is the A3 Timbergram print – this is the last one we have of these!

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Our new balloon print plates come in small and large sizes and in two different designs; they’re a lovely gift for Christenings as they have a hook on the back so can be hung on a wall.

Finally the geometric candle holders come in, again, a small and larger size – very pretty when lit up with a candle.

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We hope to see you in Olney soon!

New stock update!

Get Picnic-Ready!

We’re finally into the summer season and we’ve been lucky so far with the weather (fingers crossed!) so it seems like the perfect time to prepare for the perfect picnic! At The Nest At No.9, we have lots of goodies to make your picnic the best yet!

Firstly, we have several different rugs which are perfect for picnicking! The Recycled Wool Rugs (£16.50) are lightweight, colourful and great for rolling up to put in your picnic bag. Alternatively, our Tweedmill Picnic Rugs (£41.00) can be rolled up and even have a handle – what’s more, they’re waterproof and so comfortable! Both the Recycled Rugs and Picnic Rugs come in a range of colours to suit any picnicker’s tastes!

27 June 5     4th July 4

Next up are our bottle crates – they are so cute and come in a set of four. They are definitely summery and have screw-on lids to avoid spillages!

4th July 7

Thirdly, our range of napkins are very useful for picnicking. They are lightweight, easy to pop in your picnic bag, and just £2.95 for a pack of 20.

4th July 3      4th July 2

Finally, we still have a few packets of Beer Bread left and I think it would be just perfect for partnering with butter or jam! All you need to do is add your favourite brew to the mixture and pop in the oven a few hours before your picnic!


So there you have it – lots of ideas to get you picnic-ready this summer! See you soon.


Get Picnic-Ready!

Item of the Week: The Skeleton Clock

Our very popular skeleton clocks come in two colours and are approximately 4ft diameter. They’re great for jazzing up a wall or for using as a ‘statement piece’ on your wall. They are made of wrought iron and need just one battery for power (which also means no ugly cables!)

Skeleton Clock 1 Skeleton Clock 2

I love both of these and can’t quite decide which colour is my favourite! They’re often in the shop, but if you can’t see one, just ask and we can order them for you!


Item of the Week: The Skeleton Clock

Supplier of the Week: Timbergram

Timbergram make the most marvellous of wooden postcards which can be written on with a biro and sent via standard mail! We recently had some of their new designs arrive at the shop, and they’ve been very popular! Take a look below.

Timber1 Timber2 Timber3 Timber4 Timber5 Timber6

See you soon!


Supplier of the Week: Timbergram

Item of the Week: Scrabble Keyrings!

Our item of the week is definitely scrabble keyrings. Made to look just like a scrabble tile, these keyrings make the perfect gift (even if it is for yourself!)

scrabble keyrings

They are just £4.95 each.


Item of the Week: Scrabble Keyrings!

Supplier of the Week: Archivist

Archivist Gallery create lovely greetings cards, match boxes and more. At The Nest At No.9, we stock their lovely Letterpress cards, as seen below.

16th June

16th June 2

Likewise, Archivist’s beautiful, premium match boxes are so unique and look brilliant on any fireplace or stood next to your favourite candle. They’re very popular and make a great present when put with a candle.

16th June 3 16th June 4

Until next time!


Supplier of the Week: Archivist